ASO for Game Designers

ASO for Game Developers - Get More Downloads

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App Store Optimization, or ASO, is an essential marketing tactic for game developers. App Store Optimization refers to improving an app’s keywords, description and other attributes in order to rank higher in that marketplace’s search results. Making your app more visible on its respective platform earns valuable organic (unpaid) downloads.

What’s better than free downloads? Many mobile game companies cite organic users as the most valuable type of users. They are more engaged than users acquired through advertising. They monetize at a higher rate than users acquired through advertising. As reported by TUNE, the majority of app users find new apps by searching the app marketplace, but neither Apple nor Google publish exactly what goes into their search algorithm. Below are a set of best practices to increase your organic downloads and app store visibility.

Learn the best tricks from the Delta DNA guys and Gamasutra bloggers that have analysed lots of tips and tricks:

  • Keyword analysis. Before diving into the nitty gritty of ASO, you’ll want to research your current and potential keywords. There are many tools for both keyword planning and keyword spying. These tools let you know what an app currently ranks for. They also recommend similar keywords and show what competitors are using as their keywords.
  • Descriptive Title. Apps rank higher for keywords placed in the title field. The title field is one of the most underutilized elements of ASO.
  • Use your keywords wildly on your description. The best practice is to repeat any major keyword five times.
  • People influence. Help the users rate your app. The more stars your app has, the upper will be shown on the rankings.
  • Localise your app. Show the content of your app on the users native language to improve not only downloads through ASO but usage of the app.

ASO for Game Developers

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