Churn Rate improvement in Top Eleven

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Churn is a widely known term in many industries, including banking, telecommunications and gaming.

When people think about churn, it is mostly about veteran or late churn, however, hardly anyone talks about early churn.

In gaming, there are many definitions of early churn depending on the game or genre, but a general definition is that an early churner is a user who comes into your game, plays the game for a short period of time, and then leaves the game, never to return again.

If early churn is reduced, retention rates are increased alongside all other metrics – if a user plays your game more often, the chances that the user invites their friends to the game or makes in-game purchases are much higher.

In gaming, the early churn issue is usually addressed by creating a good tutorial or by optimizing the first few levels of the game. To address early churn further, many teams create and develop a new in-game feature.

Depending on your game and the magnitude of the feature, actual implementation of it can take ages.

Let's see in this article how Data Scientists at Top Eleven managed to improve their retention:

Read here How data scientists slashed early churn in Top Eleven

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