Clash of Clans mobile games

Mobile Games - The Secrets Behind Monetization

Juan Gabriel Game Design

Mobile Games industry has grown a lot on the last 5 years. Companies have risen and grown from 2 or 3 friends to thousands of employees faster than most multinationals. Names like, Supercell, Glu Games or Gameloft didn't exist by the beginning of the World Crisis on 2008. Now they make more money in just one day than most food or clothes manufacturers in a whole year!

Let's focus on Supercell. Just over three years old, one of the hugest mobile games in the world, Clash of Clans rakes in more than $1M $5M each day and consistently charts in the top three grossing apps.  It’s the app that new mobile games developers look to for inspiration. It has really good Engagement and it uses a lot of Monetization tricks. Mobile Games are trying to reproduce their success and few of them have already done so! Read this article to see how they do it and learn the tricks from the grossing mobile games industry.

The Secrets Behind Mobile Games Monetization