Churn Rate improvement in Top Eleven

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king, telecommunications and gaming. When people think about churn, it is mostly about veteran or late churn, however, hardly anyone talks about early churn. In gaming, there are many definitions of early churn depending on the game or genre, but a general definition is that an early churner is a user who comes into your game, plays the game for ...

10 técnicas para enganchar el usuario

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me Design de PlaySpace nos explicará los métodos que utilizan grandes compañías y startups punteras para enganchar a los usuarios a sus juegos, así como los cambios clave en el Game design de los últimos años. En esta charla, se recorre el panorama de los últimos años en el mundo de los videojuegos observando técnicas que tanto indies como juegos triple A han ...

Increasing Engagement and Revenues in Social Casino

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l Casino using Analytics (in english) Release date: February, 2014. Mark Robinson, CEO of GamesAnalytics (now Delta DNA), and Juan Gabriel Gomila, Data Scientist and Game Designer at, share their Practical Steps to Increasing Engagement and Revenues in Social Casino using Analytics in this presentation from the 4th Games Industry Analytics Forum in February 2014, celebrated at the  Mind Candy's bu

Revenue and Engagement PlaySpace

Practical steps to increasing Engagement and Revenue in Social Casino using Analytics

space, share his Practical Steps to Increasing Engagement and Revenues in Social Casino using Analytics in this presentation from the Mallorca Game 2014. Look to how PlaySpace was able to target groups of players depending on their needs and improved their engagement and monetisation as well Boring? Try some free bitcoin casino games and win real money. Visit for ...

Resident Evil

How to make your game longer

de los usuarios en los juegos. Algunas de las técnicas que explicaremos implican hacer que el usuario vuelva a contenido o niveles ya jugados incorporando cambios algorítmicos tales como incrementar su dificultad, handicaps, búsqueda de ítems específicos,... No siempre será tan sencillo como incrementar la dificultad del juego, si no dar el poder al usuario para que sea él mismo ...


The process of creating good KPIs (III)

btuvimos ya una lista bastante detallada de como podíamos obtener unos KPIs fiables y robustos a lo largo del tiempo. En esta última sección iremos mucho más allá: vamos a predecir los KPIs futuros en base a los eventos pasados para poder ver qué puntos de nuestro producto merecen ser mejorados (más inversión de marketing, mejora de la retención o el ...


The problem of computing n day retention

ably the most important metric for freemium apps and Free to Play games. Retention is fact a direct factor in the computation of the lifetime customer value (LTV) of the users acquired. For instance, early retention metrics such as Day 3 retention can serve as proxies to assess traffic quality for ROI-positive user acquisition campaigns. Also, retention is also a strong indication of ...

Data Science

What is a Data Scientist?

matician, so you can only work as a teacher, really?" The question is obviously no! Mathematicians are outlined for different and usefun skills like logical reasoning, hacking skills, etc... In fact, the answer of the previous questions is that I work as a Data Scientist on an online business company. The answer is then followed by a deformation of their faces ...