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Monetization Report by The Swrve

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From resellers to game developers, they need to improve monetization day after day improving not only their customer lifetime value buy also their conversion rates, their virality and their growing factors. This report includes a good benchmark to test your monetization skills against the sector ones and see where you are probably failing. Need to rise user lifetime? Need to ...

Candy Crush Saga by

Candy Crush Saga - The keys to cheat the game

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.  A breakdown of gameplay that diminishes the experience for everyone. Thinking of it this way, and defining it just as a 'violation of rules', is an unproductive way to think about cheating and its relationship to game design. Back in 2014, we started looking at Candy Crush Saga, the frighteningly successful 'casual' game. We did a little work interviewing players ...

ASO for Game Designers

ASO for Game Developers - Get More Downloads

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ic for game developers. App Store Optimization refers to improving an app’s keywords, description and other attributes in order to rank higher in that marketplace’s search results. Making your app more visible on its respective platform earns valuable organic (unpaid) downloads. What’s better than free downloads? Many mobile game companies cite organic users as the most valuable type of users. ...

Clash of Clans mobile games

Mobile Games - The Secrets Behind Monetization

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panies have risen and grown from 2 or 3 friends to thousands of employees faster than most multinationals. Names like, Supercell, Glu Games or Gameloft didn't exist by the beginning of the World Crisis on 2008. Now they make more money in just one day than most food or clothes manufacturers in a whole year! Let's focus on Supercell. Just ...

Revenue and Engagement PlaySpace

Practical steps to increasing Engagement and Revenue in Social Casino using Analytics

space, share his Practical Steps to Increasing Engagement and Revenues in Social Casino using Analytics in this presentation from the Mallorca Game 2014. Look to how PlaySpace was able to target groups of players depending on their needs and improved their engagement and monetisation as well Boring? Try some free bitcoin casino games and win real money. Visit for ...


The process of creating good KPIs (III)

btuvimos ya una lista bastante detallada de como podíamos obtener unos KPIs fiables y robustos a lo largo del tiempo. En esta última sección iremos mucho más allá: vamos a predecir los KPIs futuros en base a los eventos pasados para poder ver qué puntos de nuestro producto merecen ser mejorados (más inversión de marketing, mejora de la retención o el ...


The problem of computing n day retention

ably the most important metric for freemium apps and Free to Play games. Retention is fact a direct factor in the computation of the lifetime customer value (LTV) of the users acquired. For instance, early retention metrics such as Day 3 retention can serve as proxies to assess traffic quality for ROI-positive user acquisition campaigns. Also, retention is also a strong indication of ...

Data Science

What is a Data Scientist?

matician, so you can only work as a teacher, really?" The question is obviously no! Mathematicians are outlined for different and usefun skills like logical reasoning, hacking skills, etc... In fact, the answer of the previous questions is that I work as a Data Scientist on an online business company. The answer is then followed by a deformation of their faces ...