Match 3 Monetisation

Monetisation in Match-3: New booster selling trend in King games

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g games is a really good job that Game Designers do. They are always intrigued by new trends and application of cutting edge marketing and consumer psychology principles that modern F2P games are employing for augmenting retention, engagement and monetisation. Let's see in this article how King Match-3 style games have become not only really popular, but how they have managed ...

Increasing Engagement and Revenues in Social Casino

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l Casino using Analytics (in english) Release date: February, 2014. Mark Robinson, CEO of GamesAnalytics (now Delta DNA), and Juan Gabriel Gomila, Data Scientist and Game Designer at, share their Practical Steps to Increasing Engagement and Revenues in Social Casino using Analytics in this presentation from the 4th Games Industry Analytics Forum in February 2014, celebrated at the  Mind Candy's bu

Local Color Correction

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ssing On Line Release date: September 27, 2011 In this paper we present a local algorithm for contrast enhancement developed by N. Moroney at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories and presented at the IS&T/SID Eight Color Imaging Conference, in 2000 (US Patent 6,822,762, 2004). The algorithm uses a non-linear masking, is fast and does not require any manual parameter adjustments.

Revenue and Engagement PlaySpace

Practical steps to increasing Engagement and Revenue in Social Casino using Analytics

space, share his Practical Steps to Increasing Engagement and Revenues in Social Casino using Analytics in this presentation from the Mallorca Game 2014. Look to how PlaySpace was able to target groups of players depending on their needs and improved their engagement and monetisation as well Boring? Try some free bitcoin casino games and win real money. Visit for ...

Gráficos de sectores, barras y cajas en R

iene un data scientist de presentar resultados de sus análisis realizados es a través de gráficos. La gente suele ser reacia a indagar dentro de tablas inmensas de datos, largos informes con cálculos arduos, pero en cambio suele entender de forma más o menos sistemática un gráfico estadístico. En este post vamos a ver como realizar tres tipos de gráficos en R para ...

Logistic Regression

A Simple but Efective Logistic Regression Derivation

dels for categorical data, especially for binary response data in Data Modeling. It is the most important (and probably most used) member of a class of models called generalized linear models. Unlike linear regression, logistic regression can directly predict probabilities (values that are restricted to the (0,1) interval); furthermore, those probabilities are well-calibrated when compared to the probabilities pred

Representación gráfica en R

abras. Pese que escritores como Tusón nieguen la veracidad de este refrán castellano, en el mundo de la estadística suele ser cierto. En un post anterior se habló de como conectar nuestra base de datos con el programa estadístico R, extracción de datos de la misma en tablas y proceder a análisis sencillo de los parámetros estadísticos básicos. En este post ...

Bases de datos y R, la unión perfecta

en un ordenador, el objetivo de este post es guiar al nuevo usuario en este paquete estadístico a conectar R con la base de datos y proceder a los primeros análisis esenciales. Instalación y conexión a la base de datos Instalación del paquete RMySQL Con la interfaz de R arrancada, ejecutamos la instrucción install.packages('RMySQL', type='source') Esto nos instalará el paquete en ...