Increasing Engagement and Revenues in Social Casino

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l Casino using Analytics (in english) Fecha de publicación: Febrero, 2014. Mark Robinson, CEO de GamesAnalytics (ahora Delta DNA), y Juan Gabriel Gomila, Data Scientist y Game Designer en, comparten su Decálogo para incrementar la Retención y Monetización en juegos de Social Casino gracias a las analíticas en su presentación del Cuarto Games Industry Analytics Forum en February 2014 celebrad

The many flavours of foreign culture in gaming

The many flavours of foreign culture in gaming

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, foreigners know very little about us beside the usual Carnaval, Football, Caipirinha & Bossa Nova (ok, and big butts) cliches. Which is sad, as our myths and culture offer a refreshing change from done-to-death themes and settings we see in gaming. There is really lack of games making good use of our art, music, beliefs and folklore, of legends like the ...